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Annual Return Services

We are providing, best Annual Return As per ACRA,

Are you Looking to file your company annual financial statements wth ACRA?

Annual Return Filing Service is for company that has own Company Secretary.
Let's Filling My Annual Return

Filing Annual Returns Service in Singapore

Annual Returns Services?

We are providing, best Annual Returns Services As per ACRA, Your each company with share capital is essential to filing returns by annually, that reports are containing its particulars, with ACRA, Should be filed with ACRA no later than one month after the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Each company with share capital is essential to filing return by annually,

Annual Return Particulars

An annual returns services is an electronic document that every company must submit to ACRA for each year to keep its basic information current. The return contains the following information:

  • Company Name

  • Company Registered Number

  • Company Registered Address

  • Type of Company

  • Choose whether Solvent or Insolvent

  • Should mention TWO main principal activities of the company

  • Company Address where keeps certain company records if not at the registered office, and those records held there

  • Shares information with shareholders and share held

  • Registered charges, If any

  • Financial statements

  • Declaration of annual return to ACRA

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