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Secretarial Services

A Company Secretary will help fulfill a range of responsibilities with the intricate statutory obligations by IRAS and ACRA.

Do you have a newly incorporated company in Singapore?

Then you are in need of our corporate secretarial services. Bizpro Management Consultancy, will help fulfill a range of responsibilities with the intricate statutory obligations by IRAS and ACRA.
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Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services

Do you think about Corporate Secretarial Services?

As Singapore Companies Act, about Corporate Secretarial Services, Every company must appoint a secretary within 6 months from the date of its incorporation. The Secretary may also be held liable for the company’s operations. A Company Secretary will help fulfill a range of responsibilities with the intricate statutory obligations by IRAS and ACRA.



Bizpro Management Consultancy provides various Corporate Secretarial Services of your company

Know about basic information, what are all Secretarial Services need your company registered in Singapore

Your Company Secretary must be either a,

  • Singapore Citizen – SC     (OR)

  • Permanent Resident – PR              (OR)

  • Employment Pass holder – EP              (OR)

  • Entrepreneur pass              (OR)

  • Dependant Pass              (OR)

Duties and Responsibilities of Secretarial Services

Company Secretary has the following responsibilities: 

Board Meetings

 Organize these meetings and facilitate the company’s formal decision making process.Organize these meetings and facilitate the company’s formal decision making process..

  • All the documentation circulation among the shareholders.
  • Arrange the administration and attending of meetings and take notes for maintaining minute books.
  • Make ensuring that all the procedures are followed by correct.
Annual General Meetings (AGM)

 An AGM is a mandatory annual meeting of shareholders. At the AGM, your company will present its financial statements (also known as “accounts”) before the shareholders (also known as “members”) so that they can raise any queries regarding the financial position of the company.


  • An Annual General Meetings (AGM) is mandatory annual meeting of shareholders.
  • Furnish a company financial Statements and Accounts for the financial year during the Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • Matters presented during an Annual General Meetings (AGM) includes, among other things, the adoption of accounts, dividend declaration, approval of director’s fees, re-election of directors and re-appointment of auditors.
Company Constitutions

 A Company’s constitution is a legal document that regulates the activities of the company.


  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&AA), the Company Constitution is now a single legal document that amalgamates the two separate documents in the M&AA.
  • The Company Constitution is a mandatory document that must be submitted as part of a company’s incorporation process. On BizFile, you have to submit the document to continue with the registration process.
Maintains the company statutory registers and records

Company secretary services includes to ensure that the following statutory registers (Which are statutorily required) of the company are to be properly established and Maintained:


  • Register and Index of Members
  • Register of Transfers
  • Register of Directors, Managers, Secretaries and Auditors
  • Register of Debenture Holders and copies of Trust Deeds
  • Register of Substantial Shareholders
  • Register of Directors’ Interests in Shares, Debentures, Participatory Interests,
  • Rights, Options and Contracts to which the director is a party or under which
  • he/she is entitled to a benefit
  • Register of Charges and the Instruments creating the Charges
  • Register of Interest Holders (interests other than shares, debentures, etc)
  • Branch Registers
Company Seal / Common Seal Singapore

Usage of common seals is normally accompanied by directors’ resolutions in Singapore, and registered in the company’s statutory registers.


Communication with Shareholder

Supervise shares, issues and transfers and other related share matters and queries are discussed with share holders.


Complilation of Financial Statement

Financial Statement: 

A compiled financial statement contains cash flow statements, balance sheet, company comprehensive income statement and director’s report summary. It’s Given importance, essential rather than a choice for the Singapore businesses.

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